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dotloop was an idea born of frustration – a frustration that millions of people, including co-founder Austin Allison, have experienced.

"@DemetriaMeow: dotloop u rock! Submitted contract during #agentreboot Weds via iPhone & finalized contract signed today w clients @ work during mtgs!"

"@realitam2: Love submitting offers to my sellers via @dotloop [it saves us all a ton of time] (@ Team Ludlow Realty)"

— @realitam2: Love submitting offers

"Jose Matthews- Love love love dotloop and I now "strongly encourage" ALL of my new clients to use it!"

— Jose Matthews- Love love love dotloop

"dotloop is a no brainer... If you're looking to streamline your business you need to get on board..."

"dotloop is the most responsive organization I've ever worked with. I've been impressed with the attention I've received from every employee who helped successfully launch dotloop-NOW -- to ensure our members were up and running nearly instantly."

dotloop named one of AGBeat's 60 Genius Brands to watch in 2012

dotloop to power EXIT Realty’s internal CRM, process management

dotloop is very user friendly and easy to understand. Our transition from our old program to dotloop has been extremely easy going and has made my job so much easier to complete!

— Kim Gutierrez, RE/MAX Professionals

dotloop, A Boon to Real Estate Franchisees and Other Real Estate Professionals

— Duffy Realty of Atlanta endorses dotloop.com
— dotloopers In Action- Coming to You From Keller Williams Ballantyne
— dotloopers In Action- What Can dotloop Do For You?
— Darren Burke: "dotloop has been the single biggest Game Changer!"
— Mark spain "takes it up a notch" with dotloop!
— dotloop- FOX Business News Austin Allison Interview
— dotloop CEO joins NBC Bay Area News - "Time Kills Deals"
— TheGeekyGirls Go Paperless with dotloop
— dotloopers In Action - Coming to You From Mark Watson
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We can’t wait to have dotloop available to all of our agents! The value offered is unmatched!


Our offices go paperless in a week! We’ve rolled out over 700 hundred offices, in two countries across 80,000 associates. The tool is simply easy to use.


We’re impressed with the product and it fits well with our members base.


dotloop is simple, clean, and impressive – everything a great technology should be. It also saved us $10,000 per year and improved our forms solution dramatically!


It’s so simple, but it works. dotloop has given LBAR members the ability to complete transactions in a streamlined manner.


dotloop provides for our members and their clients. Keeping technologically on par with home buyers and sellers is critically important in today’s digital society.


This system is such a breath of fresh air. A lot of younger people in our business are used to working online.


We started using dotloop in the beginning. Their training is amazing and the product they provide helps us stay on the cutting edge in this industry.


dotloop is the only true paperless solution. From start to finish, our agents can complete transactions without wasting a single piece of paper.


Our compliance office loves dotloop… It’s so easy to manage our agents’ transactions and we have saved an unreal amount of time!


After offering dotloop to our agents we have completely streamlined our transaction and compliance processes. Thank you dotloop!


We have 14 offices, all networked together as far as data; this will allow us to take it outside of the system and bring the clients in with an easier method.


People that love us

dotloop saves us time and money – and in today’s market both are precious resources.

— Lisa Archer
Lisa Archer

*I highly recommend it to any team or any agent who’s looking to be more efficient and really go the paperless route!

— Mark Spain
Mark Spain

I’m all about efficiency and there isn’t a product that could even begin to compare… dotloop’s just THAT incredible!

— Chadney Barcus
Chadney Barcus

There is no reason not to consider a system like dotloop. From an efficiency or a green perspective, it just makes sense.

— Joe Price
Joe Price

With form software, you’re still downloading, hooking up printers and killing trees. They’re not truly web-based enterprises; dotloop is.

— Kevin Duffy
Kevin Duffy

dotloop support made the transition to paperless easy and their dedication to responding rapidly and encouraging feedback sets this company at the TOP!

— Terronald Logan
Terronald Logan

I absolutely love the dotloop system. It allows for speed, mobility, and security of data and transactions

— Barb Curtis
Barb Curtis

The online platform gives everyone involved easy access to all of the documents and the ability to make changes during the negotiation process.

— Laurie Davis
Laurie Davis

dotloop is a no brainer… Anyone looking to streamline their business needs to get on board…

— Cal Carter
Cal Carter

dotloop saves me time, saves me money, and my clients LOVE it! There’s not a single downside whatsoever.

— John Ziemba
John Ziemba

The dotloop team is the best. They are constantly innovating to provide the best possible solution for real estate….

— Michael DiFronzo
Michael DiFronzo

dotloop simply makes sense… We noticed an immediate value and signed up. We couldn’t imagine doing business any other way!

— Reid Young
Reid Young

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